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The dairy. Our philosophy

Just a few kilometres from Roccaverano in the municipality of Vesime, at an altitude of about 400 m, Agrilanga was founded as a result of a great love for this area of the Langhe, against a background of campaigns to safeguard the landscape and environment and from a desire to see the area revive, developing its inherent advantages in an ecological and modern way; dynamic, but respecting tradition.

We salvaged our farmhouse and its land from a derelict state. We built new livestock sheds that are both environmentally friendly and blend in with local architecture and we set out to rediscover an ancient tradition: goat breeding and production of "Robiola di Roccaverano" and other goats' cheeses from unpasteurized milk.

With about 50 hectares tended directly by us, we can provide our animals with daily grazing for about nine months of the year and forage all year round. The wellbeing of the animals and quality of their food are the fundamental ingredients in our cheeses.

The milk used to produce Agrilanga products all comes from the "Robiola di Roccaverano" PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) production area. Their diet, approved by the certifying bodies, includes no genetically modified organisms. But the critical difference remains daily grazing on open pastureland.

We are proud to follow the new regulations for production set out by the the Consortium for Promotion of Robiola di Roccaverano, which ensures that the product is closely linked to the territory, together with quality in animal breeding and diet, standards of dairy-processing that maintain unaltered the characteristics of the milk, freedom from genetically modified materials and, finally, transparency with the consumer.

Agrilanga Società Agricola
Reg. Bricchetto 60 - 14059 Vesime (At)
P.Iva 01164810051