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Our cheeses


We produce Robiola di Roccaverano and the other goats'
cheeses using unpasteurized milk from our own goats.

Robiola di Roccaverano is a fresh, soft cheese, with a fine consistency and a slightly sour fragrance when still very fresh. The animals graze in the open everyday while the season permits, selecting the best grasses. The hay they eat when open grazing is not possible also comes from this territory, in accordance with the the strict regulations governing production, safeguarding the protected designation of origin for the product which we are proud to follow.

Different fragrances are found in the cheese according to the season: in spring and early summer the dominant notes are fresh grass, cherry or hazel; at the end of summer, when some of the goats enter pregnancy and begin reducing production, the milk becomes fatter and the cheese is at its most fragrant.

Unique when fresh, appreciated for its delicacy even by children, when seasoned the cheese can satisfy connoisseurs and astound first-timers.Our cheeses are distributed exclusively by the Dairy AltaLanga.

Agrilanga Società Agricola
Reg. Bricchetto 60 - 14059 Vesime (At)
P.Iva 01164810051